Our institution which began its academic activities in 1961 was established as a new university (Ahi Evran University-AEU) in March 2006 after its separation from Gazi University (GU). AEU has two faculties (Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Science), four vocational schools (Kırşehir, Kaman, Mucur, and Çiçekdağı Vocational schools), two academies (School of Nursing and School of Physical Education and Sport) and two research centres (Ahi Evran research centre and Hydrobiology research centre) in Kırşehir. Up to now, ERASMUS activities were conducted in connection with GU International Office.
This is the first application for ERASMUS as AEU.
Since the establishment of AEU in 2006, we could not have any opportunity to participate in any ERASMUS activities. As a very new small size university, we believe the importance of international and multicultural collaboration in higher education, therefore, AEU plans to begin to exchange not only student and staff but also participate in multilateral projects.
Inspite of being a new university, AEU has long education background and knowledge base which took its roots from 13th century.
As a part of GU schools which are in the structure of AEU participated in Grundwig and Youth Projects. The International Office was established in the beginning of 2007. This Office is responsible for supporting students and staff in scope of European Union’s international projects. AEU is in the process of application to join Associations of Higher Education Institutions such as; European University Association, European Association for International Education, and International Association of Universities.
We have a Student Council formed by the representatives of each department and unit.  Students are represented at University Senate by the University Student Representative.
To promote the visibility of ERASMUS teaching activities, International Office will organise Intensive information meetings to students/teaching and administrative staff with the support of National Agency and other universities with prior Erasmus experience.
In accordance with Turkish Constitution’s Article 10 and EU’s 1. and 2. law sources, various equality policies combating with gender, language, religion, age and ethnic origin based discrimination will be the crucial priorities both in our curriculum, and in-service training seminars and a serial of conferences will be held which will open to public.
This EPS  prepared by the International Office is approved by the Senate of  AEU, and will be publicized on the homepage of the  website of AEU.
As mentioned in the previous section, up to now, ERASMUS activities were conducted in connection with GU International Office.
In 2005, ECTS catalogues are prepared in all units and publicised on our websites. We are continously updating these catalogues at the beginning of each semester. The studies concerning Diploma Supplement were completed and will be given to all AEU students.  Learning agreements will contain ECTS credits and will be applied for academic recognition.
Incoming students/staff will be accepted and treated as AEU members. Accommodation will be supplied to all incomers. They will be welcomed by a buddy at the arrival point and accompanied during the orientation period.
Depending of the mobility requirements an orientation program will be provided to incoming students/staff such as Intensive Turkish Language Courses for beginning and intermediate levels, Turkish cultural habits and way of life.
Short trips will be arranged to Cappadocia, Ankara, Konya or thermal resorts, etc., meetings with vice-Rector will be arranged to get feedback about their training, education and cultural experiences.
AEU will support outgoing students/staff on exchange issues with personal counselling. Briefing and orientation programs including language and cultural studies will be provided before departure. Information and support about passport and visa procedures will be given.
Owing to be a new university, we do not have any completed arrangements related to student placements yet. AEU aims to apply for student placement activities after fulfilling the practical arrangements.

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